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A Cosmetic Fairy Tale /Oded Liphshitz Black Comedy, Comic Drama, Fantasy, Poetic Drama | 2019

All my memories can be carved into a single pencil /Roey Maliach-Reshef Drama, Short Play | 2019

And When We Die, Everything Will Pass /Ofek Levy/ Ofek Levy Drama, New Writing, Psychological Drama | 2019

Chicks Pieces /Ayelet Ron A-genre, Absurd, Black Comedy, Comic Drama, Experimental Theatre, Fantasy, Performance, Poetic Drama, Puppet Theatre, Satire | 2019

dirty laundry /Daniel Botzer Absurd, Comedy, Farce, Short Play | 2019

Echoing /Ido Setter Absurd, Drama, New Writing, Poetic Drama, Tragedy | 2019

Echoing-0 /Ido Setter Absurd, Poetic Drama | 2019

Einstein -The boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Asking Questions /Yaara reshef Nahor children, Drama, Periodical Drama | 2019

Jack’s gift /Yaara reshef Nahor A Circus Spectacle, children, Fantasy | 2019

Lady Amar /Noam Gil Absurd, Comic Drama, Drama, Psychological Drama, Tragedy | 2019

martini /Nadav Ruziewicz Comic Drama, Short Play | 2019

Shirat Elor /Oded Liphshitz Historical Play, Periodical Drama, Poetic Drama, Tragedy | 2019

Someone is hanging out /Itzik Aloni | 2019

The bus to Tel Aviv /Roey Maliach-Reshef Comic Drama, New Writing | 2019

The foreskin /Yaara reshef Nahor Comedy, Short Play | 2019

the one who waits for love /Roey Maliach-Reshef Comedy, Musical Comedy | 2019

The user guide for raising a child /Yarden Gilboa Comic Drama | 2018

the Spirit of the Place /Nili Rogel Comic Drama | 2018

AMSTERDAM /Maya Arad Yasur A-genre | 2018

First comings /Uri Nitzan Absurd, Drama | 2018

Dam Dam Da-Dam /Roey Maliach-Reshef Black Comedy, New Writing, Short Play, Thriller-Horror | 2018

Wild Animal /Sharon Gombosh / מיטל ילינק, אלעד זמרני Comedy | 2018

.TRUE LOVE Ltd /Sharon Ingrid Stark Comedy, Poetic Drama | 2018

Artistic Committee /Ido Setter Comedy, Satire, Short Play | 2018