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If you get closer /Idan Silberstein Drama | 2015

it’s only a game /Daniel Botzer Psychological Drama | 2015

Shalom, Tzfira, Syria /Ido Setter Comedy, New Writing, Satire | 2015

Abandoned shelter /Raanan Paz Drama, New Writing, Thriller-Horror | 2015

the last caron /Daniel Botzer Absurd, Historical Play, Satire | 2015

Gypsy soul /Oren Yaacobi Black Comedy, Drama, Musical, Sketches | 2015

The legs are showing /Anat Zauberman/ Inna Eizenberg Monodrama | 2015

Field after the battle /Daniel Botzer Poetic Drama, Satire | 2015

A play in germany /Roey Maliach-Reshef Absurd, New Writing, Short Play | 2015

Alice /Roee Chen Absurd, Psychological Drama | 2015

alteration /Shay Shabtay Drama, Psychological Drama, Short Play | 2015

hash, she is sleeping /Shay Shabtay Comedy, Comic Drama, New Writing, Short Play | 2015

How’s the Beast? /Eyal Weiser A-genre, New Writing | 2015

killers /Roey Maliach-Reshef Black Comedy, New Writing, Short Play, Thriller-Horror | 2015

special services /Roey Maliach-Reshef Comedy, Satire, Short Play | 2015

stop, what’s the password /Shay Shabtay Absurd, Black Comedy, Satire, Short Play | 2015

Ten Minutes from Home /Maya Arad Yasur Drama | 2015

The cricket and the ant /Yaara reshef Nahor children, Comedy, Musical Comedy | 2015

the dress /Ayelet Ron A-genre, Experimental Theatre, Performance | 2015

to the end /Shay Shabtay Absurd, Drama, New Writing, Poetic Drama, Short Play | 2015

Rosenblatt Express /Ron Guetta Drama, Historical Play | 2014

to sibiria /Daniel Botzer Comedy, Comic Drama | 2014

Mountain /Yaron Edelstein Absurd, Fantasy, Poetic Drama, Tragedy | 2014

Ophel-jah /Amit Zarka Poetic Drama, Tragedy | 2014