Hadar Galron Playwright, actress, screenwriter and comedienne

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writer, actress, comedienne, director and songwriter for theatre, tv and
cinema. She was born in London, (1970) to a Jewish orthodox family and
immigrated to Israel with her family at the age of 13.

Whilst pursuing a B.A. in Theatre at Tel Aviv University, she began writing and performing

Hadar first became known from a comedy she created together with another religious comedienne (Bidur Kahalacha). It was the first time in Israel’s history that two orthodox women performed on a professional stage and  dared to laugh at the orthodox world they belonged to.

In 2001 Hadar created a one-woman satirical stand-up comedy about women’s status in Jewish law (Pulsa). Sharp, witty and highly critical of Jewish orthodoxy, the show aroused the wrath of many religious forums, that immediately banned it and forbade their
communities to see it.
Despite this, the audience poured in (including men and women from religious
sectors, even ultra-orthodox women).  Pulsa was on stage until 2011
(almost 10 years) and close to 700 performances in the Israeli Cameri theatre.

Mikve (2005), Hadar’s first full-length drama for theatre takes a peek at orthodox women’s lives via the most intimate ritual – ‘the Mikve’.

While Mikve was also highly controversial, it was nominated for six National theatre awards and won two – including Israel’s prestigious “Play of the Year“ award in 2005.
“Mikve” has been successfully staged outside Israel ;

2008 – The National Theatre in Mexico (Spanish production).
2008 – The National Theatre of Prague (Czech production) – still on stage (extended contract)!
2010 – Theatre J – Washington DC
2011 – Vig theatre – Budapest (still on stage)
2011 – Theatre Arena, Bratislava.
2014 –  Yiddishpiel theatre (in Yiddish), Israel
2015 –  Czech republic – new peoduction

After “Mikveh” Hadar co-wrote 2 feature films (dramas). The first : “The Secrets” ( written together with renowed director Avi Nesher and won
several international awards for the screenplay ). The second: “Bruriah”(director: Avraham Kushnir)  in which Hadar also played leading role.

In October 2008, Hadar directed and co-wrote a theatrical-music show for Yehoram Gaon
intertwining his own personal life story with the story of Israel.

Hadar then wrote a
children’s t.v. series starring Yehoram Gaon.

During 2010 Galron wrote texts and
sketches and directed various musical shows and performances among them:
“Kribo & co” with David Krivoshey, “The faculty”. She
also directed “Mikveh” in English, wrote and directed “Ima
-Ma” ( a play about modern motherhood with graduates of Bet-Tzvi
Academy of acting), for Tzavta fringe theatre, and wrote and co-directed (with
choreographer Barry Avidan) “Beam of Light”, a musical dance show
with songs of Ahinoam Nini, for the Carmiel dance festival.

In 2013, Hadar wrote and directed
“Musrara” –a play that tells the story of the Israeli Black Panthers,
Psik theatre, Jerusalem. The play is still on stage.

Hadar also writes and acts for TV, is a professional lecturer and compare (Hebrew and English) and
teaches dramatic writing and acting in several Drama academies.

Hadar is currently performing in her satirical one-woman comedy on the strong women of the Bible
who saved the Jewish Nation with their womanhood… “Passion  Killer”, in both Hebrew and English (Directed
by Shmuel Vilozni).
She is also writing a drama series for t.v. and working (together with
director Anita Doron) on a new draft for the film adaption of her play “Mikveh”.

Hadar is married to
Daniel Feuerstein and they have three children .

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Musrara Drama Subject: Crime, Crisis, Economy, Ethnic Groups in Israel, History, Migration, Politics and Government, Poverty, Survival, Trial and Law, Violence, War | 2013   
Passion Killer Satire Cabaret Subject: Based on Biblical stories, Desires, Fanaticism and Destruction, Feminism, Human Soul, Humor, Judaism, Philosophy, Prostitution, Relationships, Religion and Faith, Revolutionism, Sex, Survival | 2011   
Ima-ma Comic Drama, Satire Cabaret Subject: Humor | 2011   
Mikveh Comic Drama, Psychological Drama Subject: Coercion and Revolt, Corruption, Death, Feminism, Human Soul, Love, Relationships, Religion and Faith, Revolutionism, Violence | 2004 $ he