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Sharif شري ف is an emotional account of the challenging life of the queer Arab community amidst constant threat, neglect, and sometimes hope, which is rarely, if ever, presented on stage. The play represents the real life struggles that LGBTQ+ Palestinians face, and it was written based on thorough research and testimonials that were collected by its playwright.

Sharif شري ف has been produced in Israel as an independent production, and is the writing and directing debut of Tomer Aldubi. It premiered at Haifa Theatre, and is the first play to publicly address the situation of LGBTQ+ Palestinians and Israel’s responsibility towards them on a large mainstream stage. The play is currently touring Israel including at The Jaffa Theatre, an exceptional meeting point of Arab and Hebrew cultures and languages.

The characters

Female:3 Male:6 Other:1 Total:10

Palestinian characters

SHARIF 22 years old – born in a Palestinian village in the West Bank, which is partially ruled by the Palestinian Authority – the firstborn son of his family, born after his older sisters.
NOUR Sharif’s boyfriend – 5 years older than him, from the same village.
FATHER Subchi, 50s – Sharif’s father; works at the generations-old family-owned bakery.
MOTHER Ilham, 40s – Sharif’s mother.
PALESTINIAN POLICEMAN – A member of The Palestinian Civil Police Force.
UNCLE Salim, Sharif’s uncle [Non-speaking part]

Israeli characters

IDF SOLDIER – Esther, 18 years old, a soldier at The Israeli Civil Administration3; a new immigrant to Israel.
BAKERY MANAGER – Libbi, 30,; a lesbian.
SHABAK AGENT – A male agent of the Israel Security Agency.
CLEANER – A supermarket employee; a person of unspecified ethnic minority.



2022 Haifa Municipal Theatre , Jaffa Theatre- Arab Hebrew Theatre director: Tomer Aldubi
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