Nadav Ruziewicz playwright and scriptwriter

Contact: eMail 0502211812

written for various television series such as “Full Moon”, “Asi & Tuvia”, and others. short films that he had written participated in many film festivals around the world, among them: Munich international film festival, Tel Aviv student film festival, Haifa film festival and more. He is currently developing a comedy tv series with the support of the “Jerusalem Film Fund”
“Two Lines” is his first play.



TRAFFIC Black Comedy, Comedy, Comic Drama, Tragedy Subject: A Search, Death, Human Soul, Judaism, Love, Music, Old Age, Parent-Child Relationship, Relationships, Religion and Faith | 2022 he  
HARMONY Drama, Short Play Subject: Love, Old Age, Parent-Child Relationship | 2022 he  
martini Comic Drama, Short Play Subject: Holocaust | 2019 he  
Two Lines Drama, Monodrama, New Writing Subject: Family, Relationships, Religion and Faith | 2016 he |