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March of the living /Roey Maliach-Reshef Black Comedy, New Writing, Short Play | 2016

War Whores /Or Ben-Ezra Segal Absurd, Drama, Poetic Drama, Tragedy | 2016

on/ off /Daniel Botzer Comedy, Short Play | 2016

The audition /Roey Maliach-Reshef Black Comedy, Monodrama, Thriller-Horror | 2016

The Ineffable Name /Ron Guetta Drama, Monodrama | 2016

The Duchess and the Flowers /Ido Setter Drama, New Writing, Short Play, Thriller-Horror | 2016

the fall of tobi /Daniel Botzer Periodical Drama, Short Play | 2016

The revenge of the sunrise rooster /Roey Maliach-Reshef New Writing | 2016

After the War /Motti Lerner Psychological Drama | 2016

deep and soft /Daniel Botzer Absurd, Comedy, Short Play | 2016

The lover of mister mouse /Roey Maliach-Reshef Black Comedy, Comedy, New Writing, Short Play, Thriller-Horror | 2016

A kiss in the pocket /Yaara reshef Nahor children | 2016

A Tasting meal /Shlomo Moskovitz Comedy | 2016

Dying of bureaucracy /Shirly Baitel Nativ Comedy | 2016

fucking tarantino /Shay Shabtay Black Comedy, Short Play, Thriller-Horror | 2016

I came into this world /Oded Liphshitz Drama, Existential Drama, Poetic Drama, Poetic Drama | 2016

its just a snack /Shay Shabtay Comedy, Farce, Short Play | 2016

Ivona /Anat Zauberman Drama, Poetic Drama, Psychological Drama | 2016

Lost in haze /Noa Shecther Periodical Drama, Psychological Drama, Short Play, Thriller-Horror | 2016

Mr. Cohen destiny quest /Raanan Paz / amir yerooshalmi Comedy, Satire, Musical Comedy | 2021

nine sisters /Shay Shabtay A-genre, Short Play | 2016

The Skinny Soldier /Hanoch Levin Drama | 2016

The slap /Roey Maliach-Reshef Comedy, Short Play | 2016

thousand flies /Shay Shabtay Drama, Short Play | 2016