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Comic Drama

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“Asymptotes” is a black comedy depicting the devastating manners in which global economy dictates our lives.

The play takes place in a world (not too different from ours) where people’s life expectancy is determined by the amount of money they have in their bank accounts. In an ordinary visit to the bank, the CLERK tells the MAN that he is suffering from acute TOS – Terminal Overdraft Syndrome, and about to die. The WOMAN, the MAN’s ambitious wife, won’t let anything as petty as death stand between her and the fulfillment of her biggest dream – a trip to Australia. The WOMAN contacts an underground DOCTOR who invented a special surgery that transplants money in the patient’s bank account. In order to become famous, publish his long awaited article and re-unite with the love of his life, the DOCTOR transplants a huge amount of money in the MAN’s account and turns him into a billionaire against his will.

The MAN is determined to get rid of all his money, amend his relationship with his wife and resume living an ordinary life. He soon finds out that money, and especially the amount of money he has, is a self feeding cycle and not so easy to get rid of. The DOCTOR and the WOMAN use his money, each one for his/her own benefit, and look into the option of a business – and a personal – merger. When the MAN realizes that he decides to succumb to the dominant financial logic and use it to take revenge on the two. When he is just about to accomplish his goal he finds out that money is treacherous and that transgressing asymptotes is impossible….

The characters

Female:1 Male:3 Total:4


English, Turkish



2021 Haifa Municipal Theatre
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