Ido Setter Playwright

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BA in Film Studies and MFA in Theater Studies from Tel-Aviv University. Writes for various fringe stages in Israel. In 2016 adapted to the stage Ferenc Molnar’s “The Paul Street Boys” and Sholem Ash’s “God of Vengeance” to a musical.


Amiram Absurd, Tragedy, Poetic Drama Subject: Religion and Faith, Arab-Israeli Conflict, Terror | 2023 $ he  
The madowman. Epilogue Drama, Poetic Drama, Fantasy Subject: Art | 2022 $ he  
Asymptotes-3 Absurd, Comic Drama Subject: Economy | 2021 $ he  
Echoing-0 Absurd, Poetic Drama Subject: Arab-Israeli Conflict, Homecoming, The Other, Zionism | 2019 he  
Echoing Absurd, Drama, New Writing, Poetic Drama, Tragedy Subject: Arab-Israeli Conflict, Mythology, Palestinians, The Other, Violence | 2019 $ he  
Hard Two Absurd, New Writing, Short Play | 2018 he  
Artistic Committee Comedy, Satire, Short Play | 2018 $ he  
Friendly Seance Drama, Short Play | 2017 he  
The Duchess and the Flowers Drama, New Writing, Short Play, Thriller-Horror Subject: Love | 2016 he he  
Linda, Victor Drama, Poetic Drama, Short Play Subject: Human Soul, Love, Old Age, Relationships | 2015 $ he  
Shalom, Tzfira, Syria Comedy, New Writing, Satire Subject: Relationships, War | 2015 $ he  
Or-Li Monodrama | 2011 he he  
Teeth Interrogation Absurd, New Writing, Short Play Subject: Violence | 2009 $ he  
These Days, This Time Absurd, Drama, New Writing, Satire Cabaret Subject: War | 2009 $ he  
The King New Writing, Short Play, Thriller-Horror | he he | English   
The Happiness Squad Absurd, Comedy, New Writing, Short Play Subject: Humor, Army | he he | English   
Asymptotes Absurd, Comedy, New Writing | he he | English   
Surviving is Sad Drama, New Writing, Satire, Short Play | he he  

* Temporary display of non-catalogued plays

Plays with English translation:

“These Days, This Time” – a political satirical cabaret for an actor and an actress. The play confronts the spectators with a condensed world that is built like a mosaic of short scenes, colorful cabaret songs and rapid encounters between different characters thus creating a nightmare that reminds us of the reality we live in, in these days, in this time.

“Asymptotes” – an absurd comedy about a man who finds out he is about to die because he ran out of money. His wife manages to get him to a doctor who performs an innovative money transplant transforming the man, against his will, to a billionaire.

“Shalom, Tzfira, Syria” – a militaristic comedy about 3 characters who try to find love, peace and quiet in a state of everlasting wars.

“Teeth Interrogation” – a one act play inspired by Harold Pinter’s “One for the Road”. The polite interrogator tries to examine the suspect’s teeth and brutally break his spirit.

“The King” – a one act absurd play. The old king is about to be replaced by a younger one. But the younger king has one last mission to perform before he can sit on the throne.

“The Happiness Squad” – When the “Happiness Squad” is about to go on a special mission to save H, the best Happiness soldier in history, Glee, the only melancholic
soldier in the squad has to find out if he is capable to go on living in
a world where happiness is the order of the day.

“Linda, Victor” – Linda sits on a chair at stage right. Victor sits on a chair at stage left. Through poetic intertwining monologues their mutual life as a couple, parents and grandparents is revealed. Their recorded voices from the past accompany them throughout the play and bring memories from different life times, while they try, each one in his own way, to make contact with one another.

“Doctor’s Orders” Ofer comes to a routine check with a sore ankle. Anat, the doctor, starts treating him using a new and painful method, and we soon find out that she has planned to take a magnificent revenge on Ofer for something he has done to her while they were in high school. Ofer tries to remember what he’s done to Anat twenty five years ago, and after that he’s willing to do anything – litearlly – in order to survive.