Noam Gil

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Noam Gil (1979) is a critically acclaimed, award winning and prolific playwright. He holds a PhD from Tel Aviv University where he teaches courses on Political Theater and Creative Writing.

His plays were staged and performed in Israel throughout the years and only recently has begun to be performed outside Israel in places such as Brazil and the U.S.

Noam Gil’s first play, “Going Out,” was produced in Israel’s National Theater Habima in 2007 after winning the First Prize Award in Tzav Kriya Festival. His second, “Someday My Prince Will Come,” (2009) was also a prize winning play, and was performed in Bet Lessin Theater’s Open Curtain Festival.

Three of Noam’s plays, “The Settler,” “Welcome,” and “Lady A’amr” won for three consecutive years the “Opening Point” Grant from “Working Group NPO” and “Mifal Hapais”. “The Settler” (2015) and “Lady A’mar” (2019) have since been produced and staged in Tmunah Theater and are still running.

Additionally, Noam has two more plays that are currently running on Israeli Theaters, “Suspicious Incident” (2016) and “Pawns” (2018).

Noam has won the Best Playwright Award in Israeli Fringe Awards for writing the play “The Settler”.


Jungle in the villa Black Comedy, Comedy, Satire, Thriller-Horror Subject: Bourgeoisie, Human Soul, Love, Relationships, Violence | 2021 he  
Lady Amar Absurd, Comic Drama, Drama, Psychological Drama, Tragedy Subject: Ethnic Groups in Israel, Family, Feminism, Migration, Old Age, Parent-Child Relationship, Poverty | 2019 he  
Pawns Black Comedy, Comedy, Psychological Drama, Satire Subject: Arab-Israeli Conflict, Corruption, Relationships, The Land of Israel, Zionism | 2018 he | English   
Suspicious Incident Absurd, Black Comedy, Comedy, Satire Subject: Death, Family, Judaism, Love, Religion and Faith, Stupidity | 2017 he | English   
The Settler Black Comedy, Comic Drama, Drama, Psychological Drama, Thriller-Horror Subject: Crisis, Dispossession, Family, Friendship, Human Soul, Love, Refugees, Relationships, The Other | 2015 he | English   
The End of a Joke Black Comedy, Farce, Satire Subject: Banality, Death, Friendship | 2007 he | English   
Grandpa is Dead Absurd, Short Play Subject: Humor, Stupidity | he  
If all the Lovers… Short Play Subject: Bourgeoisie, Relationships | he  
Ad Infinitum Absurd, Short Play Subject: Art, Humor | he  
Shusterman Comedy, Farce, Farce, Comedy Subject: Humor, Stupidity, Love, Humor, Relationships, Stupidity, Crime | he  
Welcome Thriller-Horror, Satire, Black Comedy Subject: Violence, The Land of Israel, Arab-Israeli Conflict, Settlement in Israel, Vengeance | he  
Someday My Prince Will Come Comic Drama Subject: Love, Relationships, Death, Crisis | he