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Lady Amar ( Noam Gil )

ז’אנר: Absurd, Comic Drama, Drama, Psychological Drama, Tragedy

An older woman is taken in the night  against her will into a shabby apartment. She identifies herself as Pauline Weiss, and demands her “captors” to return her back home, to her loving rich and powerful husband. They tell her that she is in fact their mother, Jacqueline Amar, a poor Moroccan widow who… קראו עוד

The Ephemerals ( Yaron Edelstein )

ז’אנר: Fantasy, Poetic Drama, Tragedy

Avot is a young poet, against his will making a living as the weather man on channel 51. One night, he got into a terror attack at the heart of the city. He is covering the event live on prime time TV, and for the first time of his life… קראו עוד

Barabbas ( Shay Azoulay )

ז’אנר: Black Comedy, Tragedy

A comic revenge tragedy inspired by Christopher Marlowe’s The Jew of Malta. the play takes place  in the 16th century in a small Italian town where the entire populace, from the chief of police to the whores on the street, follow Machiavelli’s realpolitik teachings. Barabbas is a wealthy Jewish merchant… קראו עוד