The King

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New Writing
Short Play

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After a coup, the old king is about to be replaced by a younger one. As they evaluate each other’s strengths the younger king tries to complete his last mission before taking the thorne.

The characters

Female:0 Male:2 Total:2

 There should be a big difference between the old king’s age and the young king’s age.


English, Turkish

English translation by Ido Setter.

Turkish translation by Ayşe Meltem Tekeli.


Not performed yet


KING: Have children with her.
SUB: What?
KING: Have children with her. If I had listened to her, and to my ministers who kept urging me, we would have had children. That could have changed everything. She really really wanted to do it, back then. But I ran to the woods. I wasn’t prepared, always found a reason to postpone the whole thing. I was sure she understood me.
SUB: Do you think it’s still possible?
KING: Certainly. A woman with this kind of powers remains fertile forever. Nature can’t allow itself to let her genes go to waste. And I also granted her the best medical treatment possible. That was our agreement. I let strange women to bear my children and my queen underwent treatments. How stupid.
Maybe you are one of them?
SUB: My lord?
KING: Maybe you are one of my sons?

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