These Days, This Time

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Satire Cabaret

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 “These Days, This Time” is a satirical political cabaret for an actor and an actress. Its title is a take off on one of Chanukah’s (a Jewish holiday) songs, named “In those days, in that time”, describing a miracle done in the far past. I changed the title in order to make explicit my intention to deal with society’s current situation, of these days and this time.

The play confronts the spectators with a condensed world that is built like a mosaic of short scenes, colorful cabaret songs and rapid encounters between different characters: a soldier who is sent to bring rice to a destroyed city, a soldier who comes home from the battle field, a mother who argues with her son. The sense of reality is slowly shattered in every such encounter. The soldier with the bag of rice meets a survivor, and insists on making her eat the rice and persuade her he was right in bombing her house, no matter what; The son who comes home from the war finds out that he can’t get his military kitbag off of his back; His mother is terrified and thinks that in her son’s kitbag she might find something awful. Through the various characters, who change before our eyes, the live music and the extreme situations a nightmare is created – a nightmare that reminds us of the reality we live in, in these days, in this time.

The characters

Female:1 Male:1 Total:2

 Can be performed with more than 2 actors.


English, Turkish

 English translation by Ido Setter.

Turkish translation by Nursen Akcay.



Production page

Productions Abroad


 "An Be An Kan", 2016, Birinci Peron Tiyatro, Turkey.


WOMAN: Everyone in my family is dead.
SOLDIER: They were active members.
WOMAN: No. They sat in their house.
SOLDIER: So they were hiding active members.
WOMAN: No. They sat in their house, you bombed the building and it collapsed.
SOLDIER: I'm sure someone was shooting on us from there.
WOMAN: No way.
SOLDIER: Then from the next building.
WOMAN: Not a chance.
SOLDIER: How do you know?
WOMAN: I know my neighbors.
SOLDIER: Then from some other buildings, or from another place in the neighborhood.
WOMAN: Maybe.
SOLDIER: AH! You see? We don't just shoot people.

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