Linda, Victor

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Poetic Drama
Short Play
Human Soul
Old Age

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Linda sits on a chair at stage right. Victor sits on a chair at stage left. Through poetic intertwining monologues their mutual life as a couple, parents and grandparents is revealed. Their recorded voices from the past accompany them throughout the play and bring memories from different life times, while they try, each one in his own way, to make contact with one another.

The characters

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2015 Tzavta
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LINDA: (after a few moments of silence) Silence. Sitting in silence. Not even looking at each other. Sitting, not looking, in silence. VICTOR: I get back home and my head is exploding. Maybe it’s the sun, maybe it’s age. My head always gave me trouble. But never like that. And I need some wind. God, I need some wind so much. The house is empty. All the blinds are shut, and all the windows are closed and locked. Locked. Just like I left them. I stand in the living room, cursing her. Out loud. Horrible curses. I can’t stop cursing her. Why does she behave like that? Who gave her the right? Because her heart forgot me. Because she thinks about all kinds of things that are not me. For a few good years, already. You can tell when one is forgotten, when one is being detached from another person’s soul. And there. I’m forgotten. LINDA: Even the grandchildren didn’t make us start talking. We have grandchildren. Two. Twins. Cute. I think. Our son won’t talk to me ever since they were born. One son. Only son. Our son. My beloved. Our son talks more with him. Everybody talks more with everybody. Except for the two of us. Silence. A grandfather and a grandmother sitting in silence.

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