The Happiness Squad

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New Writing
Short Play

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When the “Happiness Squad” is about to go on a special mission to save
H, the best Happiness soldier in history, Glee, the only melancholic
soldier in the squad has to find out if he is capable to go on living in
a world where happiness is the order of the day.

The characters

Female:0 Male:4 Total:4


English, Turkish

English translation by Ido Setter.

Turkish translation by Ayşe Meltem Tekeli.


Not performed yet


GLEE: H.? Who’s H.? SMILEY: You don’t know who’s H. He doesn’t know who’s H. HAPPY: Didn’t you study history in school? Don’t you know that H. is the happiest soldier who has ever been here in the past decade? GLEE: No, sir. HAPPY: Let me finish. SMILEY: (to GLEE) Let him finish. HAPPY: I was the one who trained him. With my own two hands. SMILEY: His own two hands. HAPPY: (to SMILEY) Let me finish. The past decade was a very difficult one. Instability. Military operations. Reality TV. People were... bleak. H. wouldn’t let that happen. Not on his watch. He planned, set in motion and executed OJR - “Operation Joyous Rejoicing” - to terminate all bleakness in our country. GLEE: And... he succeeded? HAPPY: The happiness levels taken near the northern border were 300 percent higher than average.

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