Teeth Interrogation

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Short Play

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In an ominous room sits a well mannered interrogator, who begins a friendly talk with a suspect about his teeth. The talk soon turns into a threatning interrogation, in which the suspect’s psychological well being is at stake.

The characters

Female:0 Male:2 Total:2


English, Turkish

English translation by Ido Setter.

Turkish translation by Ayşe Meltem Tekeli.




2009 Tzavta
Production page


Do you remember that great feeling you have after the dentist is finished cleaning your teeth? Are you able to remember that? I'm not talking about knowing that this inconvenience is over.No, not that. I'm talking about going out to the street for the first time after it's over. My dentist's office was located right downtown. One of the filthiest streets this city has to offer, I'm telling you. And the minute I'd walk out of the dental clean I'd get all the stench with some cars' smoke (laughs). But you know what – I was clean. For that brief time frame, an hour or two until you shove something into your mouth – I was clean. Such a great feeling… And the first spit? There is nothing like the first spit after you had your teeth cleaned, trust me. It's better than sex. Your saliva is thick, and has a drop of blood in the middle. Spit here on the table.

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