Ori Egoz Director, Screenwriter

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MFA with distinction, directing, Tel Aviv University; LL.M with distinction, criminal law and human rights, Hebrew University.
Initiation, editing and project management – content structure from idea to concept, leading strategy, characterization and development of content.
Leading branding and content processes, casting creator teams. Accompanying creators in the concept construction processes and promotion, development and editing thereof.

Israel Festival, initiator and artistic director, Center Stage, monodramas for theater, the Israeli series of the Israel Festival, with the support of the Jerusalem Foundation (2010 and on); Women’s Festival, artistic director, premieres and new ventures in cinema, dance, music and theater (2010-2012); Cinema South Festival, artistic director. Developing concept and determining content (2006); Cameri Theater, member of the artistic and dramaturgy committee (2006-2012); Isra-Drama, organization of all the Israelis Theaters, committee member – expert lecturer for content of Israeli playwriting to be exported to foreign producers (2012-2013);

Won grant for full production for 50 min drama, the New Israeli Foundation for Cinema & TV (2011) ; screenwriter an Interactive Internet Drama series, the Yohanna Prenner Foundation second Prize; co-screenwriter for the project that won first prize; wrote for the TV series (“The Dolls“,“Not In Front of the Children”- satiric sitcom); regular column -“Double Exposure” for Lady Globes magazine; was invited to Germany to direct in the international workshop of the E T.C – European Theatre Convention (2010), year later instructed an international workshop for playwriters (2011).
directed for Theatre – the Cameri Theatre, (“Love Child” by Johanna Mary Smith, “From Crystal to Smoke” written and adapted with Jack Attali); wrote and direct for Israel Festival 2009 (“No Bird Shall Know”) (Llicia 2014); Beit Lessin Theater (“Thundering Silence” by Andrea Bauab, who won the first prize for the show) “The Seventh Sin” – satirical cabaret, chosen as the leading cabaret of the Fringe theatre “Tzavta”; “perpetum mobile” about the Lebanon war



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sweet 16
writing and directing of the play Sweet 16 for the ETC youth forum (2011); The play was performed in April 2013 at Hungary’s National Festival for Playwrights, directed by Agi Kirteza, won honorable mention for playwright

Cameri Theater: From Crystal to Smoke, directing,writing and Adaptation with Jacques Attali,
a play about the secret meeting that took place at the headquarters of the Third Reich, two days after Kristallnacht 1938 (2010;
Also produced as a documentary film Seeds of Destruction, directing of theater segments, Channel 1 (2011

Israel Festival: Writing, directing and choreography of the comedy No Bird Shall Know performed at the Fringe Cehter theater Tmuna and Cameri theater (2014- 2009)

Tzavta Theater: Writing, directing and choreography of The Seventh Sin, a satirical cabaret chosen as Tzavta’s leading cabaret (2008-2010);

(Writing and directing of Perpetuum Mobile about the Second Lebanon War (2007