Noa Shecther Director, acting teacher, playwright and entrepreneur

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Born in Jerusalem, graduated from the Theater studies at the Arts High School of Jerusalem. Later graduated from the Sophie Moskowitz School in Tel Aviv.

Graduate of the management of cultural and artistic institutions course in the Tel Aviv University.

Winner of the Rosenblum Prize for outstanding artists from the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality for 2018.

Founder of the playwrights’ project together with Roey Malich Reshef, Daniel Botzer and Shai Shabtay.

worked as  assistant for the artistic drector of the Cameri Theater and acted in theplays “Family Story” and “Meagre Fish” directed by Edna Mazia.

Artistic Director of the Student shows at the “Short Theater” Festival in Tzavta, artistic producer of the Acco Festival. Acting teacher, and “From student to professional actor” course at The Goodman Acting School of the Negev.



Tel Aviv’s fault Comic Drama, New Writing, Short Play Subject: Desires, Love, Relationships | 2017 he  
Lost in haze Periodical Drama, Psychological Drama, Short Play, Thriller-Horror Subject: History, Holocaust, Survival, Vengeance, Violence | 2016 he  

* Temporary display of non-catalogued plays


1.     Lost in haze

2.     Tel Aviv’s fault

3.     PAY DAY

4.     My family tree

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6.     Community High School

7.     Only four days

8.     Quiet

9.     OMG I’m 35