Maayan Even

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Born in 1994, Tel Aviv. Thelma Yellin High School of Arts graduate in theatre major. Student in the directing and teaching program at the Kibbutzim College.

Participated in the Premiere Incubator at Habait Theatre in 2016-2017, during which he wrote the premiere play “The Penetration”, accompanied by the artistic work of the author, playwright and poet Nano Shabtai. A staged reading of the play was staged at Habait Theatre, directed by Noa Wagner. A second performance of the play occurred in 2019 at Tmuna Theatre, directed by Ido Kolton.

Wrote and directed the Monodrama “10 Steps to Happiness” as part of the Center Stage Theatre Festival in collaboration with the musician Tomer Bar. The play was staged again in 2019 as part of the Theatronetto Festival and won an appreciation award.

Wrote and directed the musical “Princess Avner” in collaboration with the musician Tomer Bar. The independent production premiered in March 2019 and will be staged in the Tmuna Festival in November 2019.

Dramaturge of the following plays:

●      “Father of the Year” (Av Ha’Shana) – written and performed by Ido Kolton, directed by Noa Shechter. Performed in 2019 as part of the Theatronetto Festival.

●      “Good Morning Hedgehog” (Boker Tov Kipod) – written and directed by Roee’ Joseph. Will be performed in 2019 in the Tmuna Festival.

Directed and co-wrote the libretto for “Helen’s Candlesticks” (Ha’Pamotim shel Helen) alongside the musician Yonatan Keret.

Co-wrote the play “Leaving the Wound Open” (Mash’irim et Ha’Petza Patuach), directed by Marina Baltov at Nissan Nativ Studio.

Even’s songs were published in several issues of the literary magazine Ho!, in the culture and literature section of the newspaper Ha’aretz, in the Books section of Ha’aretz, in the “7 Nights” (Shiv’a Leylot) of the newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, in TimeOut magazine and in Pi Ha’aton journal. A short story written by Even was published as part of the short story competition of Ha’aretz on the Israeli Independence Day 2015.

In June 2016 Even published a digital book called “Why I don’t Killing Myself”


The Penetration Drama Subject: Human Soul, Love, Relationships, Sex | 2017 he  
10 Steps to Happiness Monodrama, Musical Comedy, Black Comedy Subject: Human Soul | 2017 he  

* Temporary display of non-catalogued plays

The Penetration
●      First performance at Habait Theatre (Tel Aviv) in the Premiere Incubator, directed by Noa Wagner – 2017.

●      Second performance at Tmuna Theatre (Tel Aviv), directed by Ido Kolton – January-August 2019.

10 Steps to Happiness
●      First performance in Center Stage Theatre Festival for Monodramas (Jerusalem), directed by Maayan Even – June 2017.

●      Second Performance in Theatronetto Festival (Tel Aviv), directed by Mickey Gurevitz – April 2018.

Princess Avner – Popera
●      An independent production directed by Maayan Even, staged at Levontin 7 (Tel Aviv) – March 2019.

●      The production is to be staged at the Tmuna Festival (Tel Aviv) – November 2019.

Everything in its Right Place – Tragedy
●      A graduation theatre production directed by Maayan Even, as part of the theatre directing study program at the Kibbutzim College (Tel Aviv) – May 2019.

●      A short play that will be performed as part of a show named “Flickers” at the Tmuna Festival (Tel Aviv) – November 2019.