Yaron Edelstein Playwright, Theatre director

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Yaron Edelstein (born 1979) is an Israeli playwright and theatre director. His plays performed in Israel, Germany and Italy, and have been translated into English, French, Polish, Dutch and Italian.

Edelstein won the Cameri Theater Best Playwright Award (2021), the Israeli Fringe Award for Best Director and Best Dramatic Adaptor (2010), the Acre Festival prize for Best Original Show (2013), and in Germany, he received an award at the Heidelberger Stückemarkt for his play Mountain.

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The Ephemerals Fantasy, Poetic Drama, Tragedy Subject: Art, Human Soul, Love, Terror, Violence | 2017 he | English   
Mountain Absurd, Fantasy, Poetic Drama, Tragedy Subject: Death, Love, Mythology, Survival, Violence, War | 2014 he | German   
PFFFFFF Black Comedy, Farce, Satire Subject: Arab-Israeli Conflict, Army, Human Soul, Politics and Government, War | 2013 he | English Polish   

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