Itzik Aloni actor and a playwrite

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graduate Nissan Nativ Studio, 1968-1965.

Twenty-four years of experience as an actor in all major Israeli theaters.

Wrote the book: 290 Drama Exercises

Wrote and directed the plays:

“The Old Man and the Cartoon”

“On the Edge”

“Someone Is Walking Outside”

As an actor in major and central roles:

At the Cameri Theater. Habima Theater. Theater A. Haifa.

Beit Lessin Theater

Tzavta Theater in Tel Aviv. Neve Tzedek Theater with the Yuval Theater.

Children and Youth Theater.

Movies: Entebbe. Jerusalem-Jerusalem- German production.

“Chirbet Hizza”. “Azit the dog”

“Page Number – We Save the Situation”

“Landing Authority” (the first Science Fiction film in Israel


Someone is hanging out | 2019 he | en   
On the edge Comic Drama, Drama Subject: Family, Homecoming, Humor, Old Age, Recalcitrance, Struggle, Suicidality | 2018 he  
On the edge Comic Drama, Drama Subject: Crisis, Family, Homecoming, Human Soul, Humor, Old Age, Recalcitrance, Struggle, Suicidality, Survival | 2018 he  
The old man and the cartoon Drama, Tragedy Subject: Dispossession, Family, Human Soul, Humor, Old Age, Vengeance | 2017 he | en   
On the edge Periodical Drama Subject: Coercion and Revolt, Crisis, Family, Old Age, Struggle | 2017 he  
The tinsmith | 2008 he  
Flowers before the bridge Comedy, Comic Drama, Drama, Periodical Drama Subject: Humor, Love, The Land of Israel | 2007   
Six short plays Comic Drama, Short Play Subject: Friendship, Humor, Legend, Love | 2006 he  
Flowers across the bridge + just a normal day Comic Drama, Periodical Drama Subject: Humor | 2005 he  
good friends Short Play | 2004 he  
4 short plays Comedy, Comic Drama Subject: Humor | 2003 he  
To kill the tiger | he  
Danger zone | he  
Treatment file number 2 | he  
Slim and Laila Short Play | he  
Donkey stays donkey Short Play | he  
silence-0 Short Play | he  
The nightingale sang | he  
Just before the canopy | he  
Carol Moringa | he  
My beloved Phobia | he  
Pappap Short Play | he  
The secret of the bench on the street corner Short Play | he  
prince-0 | he  
touching? hurtful! | he  
tight tracking |   
Another dimension | he  
Whispers beyond the door | he  
Kill the tiger Short Play | he  
When a guest does not come to dine | he  
Blue hat | he  
Elsewhere |   
Rooster time | he  
Many faces for marriage | he  
Reasonable suspicion | he  
Backyard-0 | he  
Birth control is not a joke | he  
Lost identity | he  
… and it will be the day | he  
…And the train travels | he  
…And I also | he  
The turtle | he  
The host | he  
the elevator Comic Drama, Short Play Subject: Desires, Family, Humor, Relationships | he  
The stuck car Short Play | he  
The gambler | he  
YAIRA and the lamenters | he  
Life in the garbage | he  
Goes to the light | he  
The tenant | he  
The house at the end of the street | he  
The bubble | he  
The man in the mirror | he  
DROR | he  
DOD AND YOL | he  
cupboardS-0 | he  
Black bear | he  
man is a man | he  
Baby-baby, boom-boom | he  
Exit | he  
Little Man |   
no way out | he  
The Nightingale’s song Drama, Periodical Drama Subject: Desires, Family, Love, Relationships | he  
My husband, me and the dog Monodrama | he  
walking towards the light Drama, Tragedy Subject: Humor, Relationships, Struggle | he  

* Temporary display of non-catalogued plays

“The Old Man and the Cartoon”

“On the Edge”

“Someone Is Walking Outside”