Ayelet Ron

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Ayelet Ron graduated the School of Visual Theater in Jerusalem. She began her artistic career as the playwright and director of “Heidi- the Bitch of the Mountains”. This very successful debut play received raving accolades from notable critics and encouraged Ayelet to develop her very unique theatre language.


Her directing style gained impressive advancement as soon as she founded “I Yell At Women’s International Theatre Company” in NY.This pioneering theater group, headed by Ayelet, staged theatrical projects such as:”The Jet Lag Show”, “The Last Waltz in Paris” and “Strangers”. Acknowledging her distinctive drama style,Ayelet was offered a teaching
position in NYU , where she further refined her directing technique.


Ayelet joined the distinguished Lab Theatre in Jerusalem.
The play “Bodies and Gentlemen” was created there and it won nomination for the best play in Israel (the Israeli equivalent to Tony Awards).
Ayelet was the artistic director of outdoor events in Holon’s highly acclaimed “Woman”Festivalץ. In later years she staged two projects of performance-arts in this festival. She wrote and directed the “acting search engine” graduation play- “Undressed”.

 Additional teaching credits:
School of Visual Theatre: teaching a course in “creating the character”.
Tel Aviv University – Acting workshops.
Search engine studio – Acting workshops.
Tel aviv uni-acting class
Academic of performing arts

Ayelet took part in TV shows both in Israel and America (Channel 3 in Israel and the Israeli Channel in the U.S.A). She presented the art and culture segment of those shows.
During the last 5 years Ayelet is inundated in her new project
Trans-Theatre in the Desert”. She founded this innovative workshop with the intention of awarding actors and students with an eye-opening experience.
Later on, Ayelet decided to open the workshops to the general public wishing to share her transformation vision with everyone. The project was sponsored by the Israeli Ministry of Cultural Affairs.
Ron also was a publicist in the Israeli academic periodical “The Theatre”

Under creation:
A new play “Bewombed” and a new theatre festival both scheduled for 2013.


womban Absurd, Black Comedy, Experimental Theatre, Fantasy, New Writing, Performance, Poetic Drama, Puppet Theatre, Satire Subject: Based on Biblical stories, Crisis, Death, Feminism, Human Soul, Legend, Old Age, Suicidality | 2020   
Chicks Pieces A-genre, Absurd, Black Comedy, Comic Drama, Experimental Theatre, Fantasy, Performance, Poetic Drama, Puppet Theatre, Satire Subject: Feminism, Humor, Legend, Old Age | 2019   
chicks A-genre, Absurd, Black Comedy, Experimental Theatre, Fantasy, Farce, New Writing, Performance, Poetic Drama, Puppet Theatre, Satire, Short Play, Street Theatre Subject: Feminism, Human Soul, Humor, Legend, Old Age, Panic | 2018   
woman’s voice A-genre, Monodrama, Performance | 2016   
the dress A-genre, Experimental Theatre, Performance | 2015   
mekimi Drama Subject: Judaism, Love, Relationships, Religion and Faith | 2013   
abstract/undressed A-genre, Drama, Experimental Theatre Subject: Feminism, Love, Relationships | 2008   
bodies and gentelmen Absurd, Experimental Theatre, Fantasy, Poetic Drama Subject: Death, Feminism | 2004   
the last waltz in paris A-genre, Experimental Theatre, Performance Subject: Death, Feminism, Human Soul, Legend | 2001   
the jet lag A-genre, Experimental Theatre, Poetic Drama, Satire Subject: Feminism, Human Soul, Legend | 1999   
“Heidi- the Bitch of the Mountains’ A-genre, Black Comedy, Experimental Theatre, Poetic Drama Subject: Feminism, Legend, Old Age, Relationships | 1995