Shirly Baitel Nativ Playwright

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Participated as a playwright in festival ‘Tzav Kria’a 8′(2013) Tzavta Tel Aviv.
Wrote the play ‘Operating Instructions’ as part of Tzavta fringe theater (on stage since January 2014).
Wrote the play ‘Dying on Bureaucracy’, on ‘Habima’ stage since April 2016.
Writes texts (Hebrew and English) for popular music preforming artists.
Wrote the novel – “Portrait” (published by ‘Danny Books’).
Workshop: Comedy Writing for TV, ‘Sadnaot Habama’.

Assistant director and producer at ‘Psik’ theater.

Master of Arts, Bar-Ilan University: World comparative literature. Graduate summacum laude.

Thesis in Theater – “Inter-textual analysis of female models in William Shakespeare and Nissim Aloni’s plays”.

Literature teaching certificate, Bar-Ilan University (graduated summa cum laude).

Bachelor of Arts, Bar-Ilan University: Special Education and Hebrew Literature (graduated magna cum laude).



Graduate mission Comedy | 2018 he  
Dying of bureaucracy Comedy | 2016 he  
Operating Instructions Comedy | 2014 he  

* Temporary display of non-catalogued plays

‘Operating Instructions’ (2014)

‘Dying on Bureaucracy’ (2016)