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Winner of Berliner TheaterTreffen Stückemarkt 2018

In a highly fragmented, multi-narrated structure, the play AMSTERDAM unfolds the course of 24 hours in the life of a 9 months pregnant Israeli violinist living in Amsterdam, the day she wakes up and finds an unpaid gas bill from 1944 on her doorstep. The multiple speakers accompany the absent character throughout the day on which she tries to keep her regular routine while the gas bill is hiding in her bag like a ticking bomb, shattering her consciousness into pieces, awakening sentiments of collective identity, minority awareness, fear of xenophobia and strong sense of strangeness, foreignness and alienation. In the attempt to settle the mind and understand who used the unpaid gas in those months of 1944, the speakers reconstruct a possible story of the past which takes over the plot and turns the Israeli violinist’s home environment into a scene of tragic events.  Could all that really happen? Or are we forced to make up stories? Above all, AMSTERDAM is a play which dissects the mechanisms of the stories we make in order to make some order in our chaotic worlds.


The characters

Female:1 Male:1 Total:2


English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Russian, פינית



2018 Haifa Municipal Theatre director: Mor Frank
Production page
Featured in the iSRA-DRaMA: International Exposure of Israeli Theatre 2019

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