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Krum (Hanoch Levin)

Genre: Comedy

 Krum has returned from abroad to his dreary Tel Aviv neighborhood, the same dreary loser as when he left it. He has brought nothing, earned nothing, learned nothing. Wherever life happens, it’s not where he is.

First comings (Uri Nitzan)

Genre: Absurd , Drama

  Biot Rishonot    Playwright: Uri Nitzan Email: [email protected]   phone: 972-54-7822392 Director: Amir Kliger Email: [email protected]  Phone: 972-54-4454957 Trailer: Full Play:   (password: biot) Summary: The original play “biot Rishonot” (“First Comings”) announced the arrival of a unique and moving voice to the Israeli stage. Uri Nitzan, a psychiatrist and playwright, wrote in an unusual… Read more

Hard Love (Motti Lerner)

Genre: Drama

A play about a secular writer and his ultra-Orthodox ex-wife who are trying to re-marry after twenty years of divorce, but discover that they have changed so much that living together is impossible.

An Old Woman (Nava Semel)

Genre: Monodrama

A monodrama for an actress. Hana Sheinmann had to move to an elderly home, under her family pressure. The elderly home is next to a school, so Hana burst into one of the classes and confides to the children, revealing the upside downs in her life story. She also plays the accordion, discusses love at… Read more

The Child behind the Eyes (Nava Semel)

Genre: Monodrama

The Monodrama The Child Behind the Eyes tells the story of a mother of a Down’s syndrome child on the night before he goes to school. Not everyone is willing to make an effort and see Yotam beyond the special facial features. There are those who cross to the other side of the street, and… Read more