Hard Love

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Religion and Faith

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A play about a secular writer and his ultra-Orthodox ex-wife who are trying to re-marry after twenty years of divorce, but discover that they have changed so much that living together is impossible.

The characters

Female: 1 Male: 1 Total: 2

Zvi: A 40 years old secular writer

Hannah: His ultra-Orthodox ex-wife


Italian, Portugeze, Spanish

English: Translated from the Hebrew by Anthony Berris



2003 Haifa Municipal Theatre director: Amit Gazith

Productions Abroad

Europe, Germany, Italy, United States

Produced by Haifa Municipal Theatre (2003), by Theatre Or in Durham, NC in 2005, by Bimah Theatre in Berlin (2006) and by The Jewish Theatre of the South in Atlanta (2008), and by Old Mutual Theatre in Johannesburg, South Africa (2008). Available in English, German, and Russian


BOTTOM LINE: Israeli playwright delivers a shattering meditation on love and faith. / Wendell Brock, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Thursday, February 7, 2008

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