An Old Woman

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Old Age

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A monodrama for an actress. Hana Sheinmann had to move to an elderly home, under her family pressure. The elderly home is next to a school, so Hana burst into one of the classes and confides to the children, revealing the upside downs in her life story. She also plays the accordion, discusses love at an old age and consults with her new friends on how she should live the new chapter in her life called “the Golden Years”.
The play was specially written for Getta Luca, a veteran Israeli actress.

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1982 Haifa Municipal Theatre director: Michael Rosenberg

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Directed by Michael Rosenberg, an American-Jewish director who brought to Israel the concept of "Theatre in Education". 

The play was displayed for 10 years - first in Haifa and then across the country.


This is education at its best. Even grown ups are afraid to talk about it to children, because they don't know how. This is a work of art worth a bravery medal.
Kol Haifa, Weekend Magazine, March 30, 1984

The kids loved the old woman. This is a wonderful and successful play.
Yedioth Achronot daily paper, May 6, 1985

Great truth emerging from deep soul. This play brings more understanding and sympathy to all old men and women.
Maariv Haifa, May 4, 1984

An impressive piece of theatre.
The supervisor of Social Education, Ministry of Education in Israel, May 31, 1984

Great acting in a play that opens to children the world of old people. A heart full of poetic writing and an actress who is a flesh and blood volcano.
Davar daily paper, June 20, 1984


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