Gilad Evron 1955–2016 Playwright, screenwriter and author

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Gilad Evron wrote the plays Jehu, A Mountain Does Not Move, Sky, Staring Eye, Kane, Don Quixote’s Claim, Other Places, a collection of short stories and Bread, a screenplay for television drama. Tel Aviv University has published a selection of Evron’s plays.
Evron had written Ulysses on Bottles prior to the sailing of the Marmara to Gaza.

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Ulysses on Bottles Drama Subject: Arab-Israeli Conflict, Crime, Palestinians, Politics and Government, Trial and Law, Violence, War | 2011 he | English French German   
The king of Jerusalem Drama, Historical Play, Periodical Drama Subject: Family, History, Illness, Politics and Government, Violence, War | 2009 he | English   
The Claim of Don Quixote Absurd, Comic Drama, Periodical Drama, Satire Subject: Love, Philosophy, Violence | 2008 he | English   
Starring Eye Absurd, Drama, Experimental Theatre, Short Play Subject: Trial and Law, Violence | 2007 he  
Sky Drama Subject: Art, Music, Violence | 1999 he  
Cain Drama, Short Play Subject: Crime, Death, Violence | 1997 he  
The Mountain Does Not Move Drama, Historical Play, Periodical Drama Subject: History, Politics and Government, Trial and Law, Violence, War | 1996 he  
Jehu Drama, Historical Play Subject: Based on Biblical stories, Crime, Politics and Government, Violence | 1992 he | English French   
On the Way to Tipaza Absurd, Drama, Short Play Subject: Art, Crime, Philosophy, Politics and Government, Violence | he