Joshua Sobol Playwright, author and director

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Born in Tel Mond. His mother’s family fled the pogroms in Europe in 1922 and his father’s family immigrated from Poland in 1934 to escape the Nazis. Sobol’s first play was performed in 1971 by the Municipal Theatre in Haifa, where Sobol worked from 1984 to 1988 as a playwright and later assistant artistic director. The performance of his play The Jerusalem Syndrome, in January 1988, led to widespread protests, whereupon Sobol resigned from his post as artistic director. In 2005, he was voted the 185th-greatest Israeli of all time, in a poll by the Israeli news website Ynet to determine whom the general public considered the 200 Greatest Israelis.

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Minister of Culture and Sport's Award for a Creative Work in the Area of Zionism 2014, for: Village
Golden Medal for Meritorious Achievements of the Land of Vienna / Goldene Verdienstzeichen des Landes Wien‎ 2013
Israeli Theatre Award for a life’s achievement‎ 2009, for: Weininger’s Night
Rosenblum Award for Contribution to Israeli Theatre 2003
6 Jefferson awards, Chicago (Best play, best show, best director ‎and 3 other performance awards)‎ 2000, for: Ghetto
Yumiuri Shimbun Grand Prize for best play of the year, Tokyo, Japan 1996, for: Ghetto
Mainichi Art Award for the Artistic Event of the Year, Tokyo, Japan 1995, for: Ghetto
Laurence Olivier Award of the BBC for The West ‎End Play of the Year, London 1990, for: Ghetto
The Evening Standard Award for Best Play of the Year, London 1989, for: Ghetto
The Critics’ Circle - London Theatre Awards - Best New Play 1989, for: Ghetto
Prix Moliere Award for Best Play of the Year, France 1987, for: Ghetto
Theater Heute German Critics' Choice - Best Foreign Play 1985, for: Ghetto
Davids’ Harp Award - Israels’ Best Play of the Year‎ 1984, for: Ghetto
Meskin Award for Best Play of the Year 1983, for: Weininger’s Night
Davids’ Harp Award - Israels’ Best Play of the Year‎ 1982, for: Weininger’s Night
Davids’ Harp Award - Israels’ Best Play of the Year‎ 1976, for: Night of the 20th


Raft of the Medusa Drama Subject: Survival | 2014   
Melting Pussy Comic Drama Subject: Bourgeoisie, Prostitution | 2014   
Sinners Drama Subject: Love | 2011 $ he  
Perfect Husband Satire Subject: Politics and Government | 2011 $ he  
Darfur At Home Drama Subject: Refugees | 2009   
Kol’s Last Call Monodrama Subject: Juridical Injustice | 2007 $ he  
Working Class Hero Drama Subject: Politics and Government | 2006 $ he  
Kol Nidrei Comedy, Satire Subject: Religion and Faith | 2005 $ he  
Real Time Drama Subject: Recalcitrance | 2005 $ he  
iWitness Drama Subject: Recalcitrance | 2003 $ he  
17 Top Drama Subject: Banality | 2002   
Masked Ball Comedy, Satire Subject: Panic | 2001 $ he  
Strangers Drama Subject: The Other | 1999 $ he  
Gebirtig Musical Subject: A Search | 1998   
Libera Me (Ring twice) Drama Subject: Suicidality | 1997 $ he  
Bloody Nathan Drama Subject: Terror | 1996   
Village Poetic Drama Subject: The Land of Israel | 1996 $ he  
Alma Drama Subject: Desires | 1996 $ he  
The Father Drama Subject: Holocaust | 1995   
Love for a Penny (A Libe Far A Grashn) Musical Comedy Subject: Folklore | 1994   
Eye to Eye Absurd, Drama Subject: Crime | 1994   
Schneider and Schuster Absurd, Comedy Subject: Humor, Survival | 1994   
Nice Tony Drama Subject: Vengeance | 1994   
A and B Absurd Subject: Dispossession | 1992   
Solo for Spinoza Drama Subject: Religion and Faith | 1991 $ he  
Underground Drama Subject: Holocaust, Survival | 1991 $ he  
Adam Drama Subject: Holocaust | 1989 $ he  
The Jerusalem Syndrome Periodical Drama Subject: Fanaticism and Destruction | 1988 $ he  
Counting Backwards Drama Subject: Crisis, Relationships | 1986   
Israeli Ubu Satire Subject: Politics and Government, Stupidity | 1986   
The Palestinian Girl (Shooting Magda) Drama Subject: Palestinians, Politics and Government | 1985 $ he  
2 – 4 Tango Comedy Subject: Relationships | 1984   
Weininger’s Night Drama Subject: Human Soul | 1982 $ he  
Wars of the Jews Historical Play Subject: Fanaticism and Destruction | 1981   
Last Striptease Satire Subject: Politics and Government | 1980   
The Last Worker Fantasy Subject: Philosophy | 1980   
Wooden Pole Satire Subject: Nationalism as Madness | 1979   
Holly Hole Satire Subject: Hypocrisy, Politics and Government | 1979   
Wedding Night Drama Subject: Corruption | 1978   
Homeward Angel Drama Subject: Homecoming | 1978 $ he  
Tenants Drama Subject: Coercion and Revolt | 1978   
manimamama Absurd Subject: Struggle | 1977   
Repentance Satire Subject: Religious Coercion | 1977   
Honey Drama Subject: Capitalism | 1977 $ he  
Armageddon Show Satire Subject: Politics and Government | 1977   
Ghetto Drama Subject: Holocaust | 1976 $ he  
Nerves Drama Subject: Poverty | 1976   
Night of the 20th Drama Subject: Revolutionism | 1976 $ he  
Joker Drama Subject: Survival | 1975   
Silvester 72 Drama Subject: Crisis | 1974   
Status Quo Vadis Satire Subject: Politics and Government, Religious Coercion | 1973   
The Days to Come Drama Subject: Old Age | 1971