Weininger’s Night

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Human Soul

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A 23 years old jewish Genius from Vien (Otto Weininger) publishes a book against women and jews. He converts to Christianity and, discouraged from Zionism, commits a suicide.

The characters

Female:3 Male:4 Total:7


English, French, German, Russian


Israeli Theatre Award for a life’s achievement‎ 2009
Meskin Award for Best Play of the Year 1983
Davids’ Harp Award - Israels’ Best Play of the Year‎ 1982



1982 Haifa Municipal Theatre director: Gdalya Besser

More in Israel

Performed again in 1987, Municipal Theater, Haifa, Israel

Productions Abroad

Austria , Denmark , France , Germany , Russia , United States
‎12/85, Dssel. Schaupielhaus, Dusseldorf, Germany
‎1986, Dt. Schauspielhaus, Hamburg, Germany
‎1986, Wintaper Theater, Odensee, Denmark
‎1986, Kunstlerhaus, Vienna, Austria
‎1986, Kellertheater, Innsbruck, Austria
1‎987, Bayerishes Staatsshauspiel, Munich, Germany
1‎987, Stadtheater, Konstanz, Germany
‎88/89, Volkstheater, Vienna, Austria
‎1989, Woodstock, Woodstock, USA
‎1991, Star Theater in Theater 18‎ Paris, France
‎91-92, Moscow Art Theater, Mkaht, Moscow, Russia
‎04/9, Kleines Theater, Salzburg, Austria
‎01/94‎, Landestheater, Coburg, Germany
‎03/96, Schlosspark Theater, Berlin, Germany
‎03/96, Landestheater Linz, Linz, Austria
‎2006, Volkstheater, Vienna, Austria

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