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Wall of glass (Oren Yaacobi)

Genre: Black Comedy , Comic Drama , New Writing

English translation: Hadar Galron A successful young Israeli dancer who lives in Berlin suffers a crisis of identity and career when she discovers she is pregnant. The young woman has severed all contact with her mother and younger brother due to her decision to live in Berlin in spite of the objections of her mother,… Read more

Kastner (Motti Lerner)

Genre: Drama , Historical Play

A political/historical drama about the tragic negotiations conducted by the Jewish community in Hungary during World War II with Adolph Eichmann, head of the Gestapo unit 4-B on rescuing the remains of European Jewry. Winner of “Play of The Year” award (1985) The play was published in English in the anthology “Israeli Holocaust Drama” edited by… Read more

Kapo In Jerusalem (Motti Lerner)

Genre: Drama

Bruno Kaminski  is a physician who was a block leader in Auschwitz, survived the camp, and in 1946 immigrated to Jerusalem with his wife, hoping to begin a new life. As soon as they arrive he is accused that he was a collaborator of the SS and that he maltreated the prisoners in his block…. Read more

Exile in Jerusaelm (Motti Lerner)

Genre: Drama , Poetic Drama

A drama based on the last five years of the life of the great German-Jewish poetess Else Lasker Schuller, who fled from Nazi Germany in 1933 and found refuge in Jerusalem where, in spite of her greatness, she died isolated and forgotten.  

Between Two Worlds (Sara von Schwarze)

Genre: Drama

 Summary 73-year-old Abraham, a well-respected congregant of Munich’s Jewish community, is to be honoured with an official birthday ceremony, when the night before an unexpected guest appears at his and his (significantly younger) long-term partner Sabine’s apartment: Totally unexpected Ruth, Abraham’s grown-up daughter, shows up . We realize Abraham hadn’t seen her for years. Ruth… Read more

And the Rat Laughed (Nava Semel)

Genre: Drama , Fantasy , Poetic Drama

And the Rat Laughed is an original opera in Hebrew based on Nava Semel’s accliamed novel from 2001. The music was composed by Israeli comopser Ella Milch-Sheriff. This novel dealing with the horrors of the Holocaust and the influence of this harrowing chapter of human history was highly praised for its courage in employing original… Read more

Rochaleh’s Wedding (Savyon Liebrecht)

Genre: Drama

(Best Play Award, 2010) Rochaleh has finally met a man she wants to marry and she invites him to meet her father and her sister, with whom she has a complicated relationship. What starts off as a happy event ends up as a catastrophe. The young man reminds the father of his Kappo in Auschwitz… Read more