Wall of glass

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Black Comedy
Comic Drama
New Writing

Text in:

he English Dutch

translation: Hadar Galron

A successful young Israeli dancer who lives in Berlin suffers a crisis of identity and career when she discovers she is pregnant. The young woman has severed all contact with her mother and younger brother due to her decision to live in Berlin in spite of the objections of her mother, the daughter of an eminent judge and Holocaust survivor. She is forced to face her destiny when her mother, a pedantic yekke who raised her “without love”, comes to Berlin to execute her father’s (the young woman’s grandfather) will and scatter his ashes at the memorial site of the concentration camp were he was imprisoned during the war.

The encounter between mother and daughter throws them into turmoil, and reopens wounds from the past. When the director of the memorial site steadfastly refuses to allow the mother to scatter her father’s ashes, the daughter and her brother come together to execute their grandfather’s will, and thus remove a heavy shadow from their lives. The director, who tries to help them without breaking any of the strict bureaucratic regulations, reveals a surprising secret from the grandfather’s past, a secret that changes their lives, brings them closer to one another, and enables them to crack the wall of glass in their family relationships.
Oren Jakobi was nominated for Playwright of the Year at the 2012 Israeli Theatre Awards for Wall of Glass. 

The characters

Female:3 Male:2 Total:5


English, German



2011 Beit Lessin Theatre director: gili amitay

Productions Abroad


 The play will be produced during 2015 in Germany


 "This is a hot show, exciting and entertaining that manages to take the subjects which it treats and make them original comedy, fresh and very charming," Yediot Aharonot

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