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Bruno Kaminski  is a physician who was a block
leader in Auschwitz, survived the camp, and in 1946 immigrated to Jerusalem
with his wife, hoping to begin a new life. As soon as they arrive he is accused
that he was a collaborator of the SS and that he maltreated the prisoners in
his block. He tries in vain to explain his moral choices. When he realizes
he’ll never be understood, he volunteers to the army and gets killed as he
tried to treat a wounded soldier. 

The characters

Female:2 Male:8 Total:10

The play can be done with one actor portraying Bruno and one actress portraying Sarah. All the other characters can be videotaped and screened. 

Bruno Kaminsky (40) – Doctor, previously blockführer (block leader) in Auschwitz
Sarah Reich (36) – Pianist, Bruno’s wife, Auschwitz survivor
Karol Dubnov (60) – Doctor, chairman of the Jerusalem Medical Association
Yulia Dubnov (56) – His wife
Meir Zimmerman (45) – Poet, Auschwitz survivor
Anton Kinstler (40) – Unemployed, Auschwitz survivor
Dov Kovarsky (45) – Manager of a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, Auschwitz survivor
Anshel Schwartz (30) – Mentally ill, Auschwitz survivor
David Antman (56) – Engineer, Auschwitz survivor
Shmuel Weissman (35) – Shoemaker, Ultra-Orthodox, Auschwitz survivor



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