Rochaleh’s Wedding

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(Best Play Award, 2010)

Rochaleh has finally met a man she wants to marry and she invites him to meet her father and her sister, with whom she has a complicated relationship. What starts off as a happy event ends up as a catastrophe. The young man reminds the father of his Kappo in Auschwitz and the father cancels the wedding. The young couple, however, go on planning their wedding in spite of the father’s objection, but the poison has already penetrated their life.
The play deals with the subject of memory; the way traumatic memories are awoken. It also touches on the subject of the difficulties of the children of Holocaust survivors to carry the burden of their parents’ history.

The characters

Female:2 Male:3 Total:5

Rochaleh: College anthropology teacher, 36
Leah: Rochaleh’s sister, divorced with a five-year-old son, makes artificial flowers at home, 29
Shloimeh: Rochaleh and Leah’s father, a widower, 68
Stashek: Shloimeh’s friend, owns a bicycle shop in Brooklyn, New York, 67
Araleh: Rochaleh’s fiance, works in a biotechnology firm, 31


The Israeli Academy Awards - Best Play of the Year 2010



2010 Beit Lessin Theatre director: ציפי פינס