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plasticine prince ( Raanan Paz )

ז’אנר: Drama, Fantasy, Periodical Drama, children

Plasticine prince is an original play by Raanan Paz. The play was inspired by the book “Jesse, Baleval-Chi” by the Dutch author, Harm de Jonga. A fantastic story about brave friendship formed between two kids during WWII. Roger, a Dutch-Christian boy, lives with his parents on the safe side of… קראו עוד

Under the Skin ( Yonatan Calderon )

ז’אנר: Historical Play, Periodical Drama

Tel Aviv, During the Gulf War. A young German journalist knocks on the door of a Holocaust survivor and questions her about a secret love affair that took place between a Nazi officer and a Jewish prisoner. Over one stormy night, the ghosts of the past, family secrets and questions… קראו עוד

The Father ( Joshua Sobol )

ז’אנר: Drama

Hans Frank, who was the Nazi Governor of Poland, is executed for the second time by his son, Nicklas Frank.