Oren Yaacobi

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Oren Yaacobi Screenwriter and playwright

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Meir Kotler eMail 972-3-5440002

Oren Jakobi is a playwright and screenwriter, and a graduate of Beit Zvi School of the Performing Arts.

 His plays include:
“wall of glass” – Nominated for Play of the Year 2012
 “The Diaries” – at Beit Lessin Theatre;
“December” –  winner of the 2002 Curtain Up Festival,
“The Puppets’ Rebellion” at Yoram Lewenstein Performing Arts Studio;
“The Soul Bird” at Mediatheque Theatre.

For television: 
creator and screenwriter (with Giora Yahalom) of “The Ran Quadruplets” series (Yes and Channel Two);
The series was sold to  CBS network To produce an American version. 
and was nominated for “Golden Rose” at the International Festival in Switzerland.
also creator of the “Sea/Land” storyline for the “Masachim” (“screen”) series (Yes) and the story for the t.v israeli hit “new york”.

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Gypsy soul Black Comedy, Drama, Musical, Sketches | 2016   
Gypsy soul Black Comedy, Drama, Musical, Sketches | 2015 he   
Wall of glass Black Comedy, Comic Drama, New Writing Subject: Childhood, Death, Family, Holocaust | 2011 he | en nl   
Soul Bird Musical, Poetic Drama, children Subject: Childhood, Human Soul | 2009 he   
the diaries Comic Drama Subject: Childhood, Family, Love, Relationships, Sex, Youth | 2005 he   
December Comic Drama, New Writing Subject: Love, Relationships | 2002 he   

* Temporary display of non-catalogued plays


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