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The characters

Female: 9 Male: 20+ Total: 30+


6 Jefferson awards, Chicago (Best play, best show, best director ‎and 3 other performance awards)‎ 2000, for: Ghetto
Yumiuri Shimbun Grand Prize for best play of the year, Tokyo, Japan 1996, for: Ghetto
Mainichi Art Award for the Artistic Event of the Year, Tokyo, Japan 1995, for: Ghetto
Laurence Olivier Award of the BBC for The West ‎End Play of the Year, London 1990, for: Ghetto
The Evening Standard Award for Best Play of the Year, London 1989, for: Ghetto
The Critics’ Circle - London Theatre Awards - Best New Play 1989, for: Ghetto
Prix Moliere Award for Best Play of the Year, France 1987, for: Ghetto
Theater Heute German Critics' Choice - Best Foreign Play 1985, for: Ghetto
Davids’ Harp Award - Israels’ Best Play of the Year‎ 1984, for: Ghetto



1976 Haifa Municipal Theatre

Productions Abroad

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Poland, Rumania, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, United States

‎06.84‎ Freie Volksbuhne ‎ Berlin,‎ Germany
‎1985‎ Dt. Schauspielhaus Hamburg, Germany
‎04.85‎ Theater Heilbronne Heilbronne, Germany
‎05.85‎ Volkstheater Wien Vienna, Austria
‎10.85‎ Shauspiel Koeln Koeln, Germany
‎11.85‎ Malmoe Stadteater Malmoe, Sweden
‎11.85‎ TWP Toronto, Canada
‎12.85‎ Dusseldorfer Schauspielhaus Dusseldorf, Germany
‎02.86‎ Goeteborg Stadteater Goeteborg, Sweden

‎02. 86‎ Norske Teatret Oslo, Norway
‎1986‎ Staed. Buehnen Osnabrueck, Germany
‎1986‎ Landestheater Linz, Austria
‎05.86‎ Theatre de la Ville Reims, France
‎06.86‎ Theatre de Creteil Paris, France
‎07.86‎ Comedie de St.Etienne St. Etienne, France
‎9.86‎ Theatre National Bruxelles, Belgium
‎1986‎ Globe Theatre Holland
‎11.86‎ Marc Taper Forum L.A., USA
‎1987‎ Elisabethbuhne Salzburg, Austria
‎1987‎ Theater Bielefeld Bielefeld, Germany
‎1987‎ Theater Mainz Mainz, Germnay
‎1987‎ Stadttheter Ingolstadt Ingolsadt,Germany198‎ Stadttheater Braunschweig Braunschweig, Germ.‎
‎1987‎ Stadttheater Hildesheim Hildesheim, Germany
‎1987‎ Tampere Municipal Th.‎ Tampere, Finland
‎1987‎ Odensee Municipal Th.‎ Odensee, Denmark
‎1987‎ The Netherland Royal T.‎ Antwerpen, Belgium
‎1988‎ De Appel Thater Hague, Holland
‎1987-8‎ Limburgs Toneel Sittard ‎ Holland
‎1989‎ The Royal National Theatre London, England
‎1989‎ Circle in the Square New York, USA
‎03.90‎ Madach Szinhaz Budapest, Hungary
‎1991‎ Art Theatre Vilnus, Lithuania
‎1992‎ Theater Nowy Poznan Poland
‎1992‎ National Theatre Bucarest, Romania
‎02.92‎ Grillo Stadttheater Essen, Germany
‎04. 92‎ Theater Magdeburg Magdeburg, Germany
‎09.92‎ Gorki Theater Berlin, Germany
‎11.92‎ Bremer Theater Bremen, German
‎01.93‎ Nationalthater ‎ ‎ Mannheim, Germany
‎02.93‎ Stadttheater ‎ Giessen, Germany
‎10.93‎ Stadttheater Luneburg, Gemany
‎10.93‎ Theater Basel Basel, Switzerland
‎01.94‎ Staatstheater Cottbus, Germany
‎03.94‎ Thetaer Jg. Generation Dresden, Germany
‎04.94‎ Volkstheater Rostock, Germany
‎0.95‎ Hartke Theater Washington DC, USA
‎02.95‎ Staatstheater Kassel, Germany
‎05.95‎ Theater Krefeld Krefeld, Germany
‎06.95‎ Shin-Kobe Theater Kobe, Japan
‎07.95‎ Theater Cocoon Tokyo, Japan
‎11.95‎ Polyglot Th. Co.‎ RiversideStudios,Lodon
‎95/9‎ Grenzlndtheater Aachen, Germany
‎11.95‎ Staatstheater Oldenburg, Germany
‎10.96‎ Buenos Aires Argentina
‎11. 97‎ DSV-Bautzen Germany
‎11.97‎ Phoenix Theatre Phoenix, Arizona, USA
‎2.12. 98‎ Landestheater Insbruck Insbruck, Astria
‎11.1999‎ The Famous Door ‎ Chicago, USA
‎2000‎ National Theatre Ankara, Turkey
‎2004‎ Derbecen Theatre Hungaria
‎2008‎ Klagenfurt Stadttheater Austria
‎2008‎ Plauen Stadttheater Germany
‎2009‎ Stadttheater Bremerhaven Germany
‎2010‎ National Theater Tbilisi , Georgia
‎2010‎ National Theater Pecs, Hungary
‎2011‎ Stadttheater Stuttgart Germany
‎2013‎ Izmir Theatre Izmir, Turkey
‎2013‎ Münchner Volkstheater München, Germany
‎2014‎ Omsk Municipal Theatre Omsk, Siberia, Russia
‎2014‎ Minsk Municipal Theatre Minsk, Russia
‎2014‎ Center Stage Theater, ‎ Santa Barbara, Cal. USA

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