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Periodical Drama

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Plasticine prince is an original play by Raanan Paz. The play was inspired by the book "Jesse, Baleval-Chi" by the Dutch author, Harm de Jonga.
A fantastic story about brave friendship formed between two kids during WWII. Roger, a Dutch-Christian boy, lives with his parents on the safe side of town, while Jesse a Jewish girl lives alone in the ghetto and dressed up as a boy to survive. The two invent an imaginary kingdom called 'plasticine' and plan to save it through fantasy and fantasy games. In their imaginary world Jesse is the prince of the magical kingdom and Roger is the knight of the kingdom, together they will defeat the Nazis and bring the end to the terrible war.


The characters

Female:1 Male:1 Total:2
Roger - 9 years old, storyteller, a Christian Dutch boy. Lives with his parents in the safe part of town. He is a gentle, sensitive and very curious child.

Jesse - 9 years old, a Jewish Dutch girl. Ever since the Nazi soldiers took her parents, she survives alone as she is disguised as a boy.

The Musician - The musician who plays live music throughout the play embodies a number of characters that intertwine sentences within the plot.

Boleyn the Player - Jesse's father

Roger's father

Nazi officer




2018 Haifa Municipal Theatre
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