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Shade (Shay Azoulay)

Genre: Absurd , Comic Drama , Short Play

A mundane argument between two neighbors regarding a tree and the shade that it casts becomes an absurd struggle involving neighborly relations and responsibility, justice and punishment, inspiration and humiliation.

Mountain (Yaron Edelstein)

Genre: Absurd , Fantasy , Poetic Drama , Tragedy

Five soldiers are trapped in an endless war. They keep coming back to the starting point where they are asked to go into battle to protect their land, and each time the level of sacrifice demanded of them rises. From this nightmarish trap a hero emerges – Mountain – whose character encompasses the promise of… Read more

Real Time (Joshua Sobol)

Genre: Drama

A combat officer turns into a refuser of occupation and oppression, following a traumatic incident of killing an inocent person.

iWitness (Joshua Sobol)

Genre: Drama

An Austrian farmer refuses to serve in the Wehrmacht, which he sees as a criminal army. He pays by his life for his refusal.

The Orchard (Yosef Bar-Yosef)

Genre: Comedy , Drama

Ida, a Russian ballet teacher, steps into the beautiful orchard of Menashe Sirkman, an embittered widower. The orchard – full of fragrances and beauty – reminds her of romantic dreams she had long forgotten after her immigration to Israel. The delicate, unexpected love story between Ida and Menashe arouses the jealousy of his wicked brother… Read more