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Poetic Drama

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2012 Acco Festival (Fringe)


Soldier: I also dreamt…I dreamt that…I dreamt that there is a different life…and someone else…some girl that’s mine…and we’re walking together and climbing a mountain. And there are wide open spaces all around…and wind. Because wind is the only thing I love about this place. There are wide open spaces…it’s hard to explain that feeling I had in the dream…there are…you know…what can I say…wide open spaces (smiles). Wide open. And wherever you don’t look you don’t see a fence or a pole (looks at the pole). And then we…make love. And she says to me: “Let’s never wake up”, and I say to her: “I wish, my girl, my love, I wish I could…but unfortunately I have to wake up.”, and she said: “No! This isn’t a dream! We can! We can stay asleep! Hug me! Hug me!”, so I got up from her and said: “I want to. I want, more than anything in the world, to stay here with you…but I have to go…”, and then she says: “I know where you have to go. Don’t go. Don’t go.”, and I answered that I have to go…that I have only one more execution and the night is almost over…and the sky – the sun was exactly in the middle, she was white. I can’t stand looking at that redness of the sunrise anymore…

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