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Abandoned shelter (Raanan Paz)

Genre: Drama , New Writing , Thriller-Horror

A suspense drama about a hit and run accident. Omri and Assaf, two 17-year-old childhood friends get in a car and drive to a party. They’re drunk, having fun and most of all – they’re happy. Suddenly, their car hits a cyclist, they get panicked by the blow and decide to flee the scene. They… Read more

Benedictus (Motti Lerner)

Genre: Drama , Thriller-Horror

A political thriller that takes place 72 hours before an American attack on the nuclear facilities in Iran. An Israeli arms dealer who was born in Iran tries to rescue his sister from Teheran and offers arms to an Iranian politician, who struggles to postpone the American attack. The play is An Iran-Israel-US collaborationCreated by… Read more