Shay Shabtay

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Shay Shabtay Playwright, dramaturg, lecturer and director

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– Founder of the playwrights project
– Winner of the best play for 2015 in the Israeli fringe theatre
– Teaches theatre in various theatre colleges
– Founder of the students theatre festival, “smallbama”



the new star Comedy, Comic Drama, New Writing, Satire, Short Play | 2018   
thousand flies Drama, Short Play | 2016 he   
ugly helen Black Comedy, Comic Drama, Fantasy, Periodical Drama, Short Play | 2016 he   
its just a snack Comedy, Farce, Short Play | 2016 he   
nine sisters A-genre, Short Play | 2016 he   
fucking tarantino Black Comedy, Short Play, Thriller-Horror | 2016 he   
hash, she is sleeping Comedy, Comic Drama, New Writing, Short Play Subject: Crime, Humor, Love, Relationships, Violence | 2015 he   
alteration Drama, Psychological Drama, Short Play | 2015 he   
to the end Absurd, Drama, New Writing, Poetic Drama, Short Play Subject: Crisis, Death, Human Soul, Parent-Child Relationship, Youth | 2015 he   
stop, what’s the password Absurd, Black Comedy, Satire, Short Play | 2015 he   
brothers in arms Comic Drama, Drama, Psychological Drama | 2013 he   

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