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Night of the 20th ( Joshua Sobol )

ז’אנר: Drama

In the year 1920: Pioneers that came from Europe to Israel, are experiencing a nocturnal voyage in search of their destiny.

Wall of glass ( Oren Yaacobi )

ז’אנר: Black Comedy, Comic Drama, New Writing

English translation: Hadar GalronA successful young Israeli dancer who lives in Berlin suffers a crisis of identity and career when she discovers she is pregnant. The young woman has severed all contact with her mother and younger brother due to her decision to live in Berlin in spite of the… קראו עוד

A Momentary Kingdom ( Motti Lerner )

ז’אנר: Poetic Drama

 “Momentary Kingdom” is a play about the life in exile of the German-Jewish poet Heinrich Heine. From the time he began writing he was persecuted by the King of Prussia for his criticism of the Prussian regime. In 1831 he was forced to flee Germany and find refuge in Paris…. קראו עוד

Passing the Love of Women ( Motti Lerner )

ז’אנר: Drama

 A play inspired by “Two” a short story by Isaac Bashevis Singer (written in collaboration with Israel Zamir) about two yeshiva students in 19th century Poland who discover that they are homosexual. They run away from their town and find refuge in the big city of Lublin where they must… קראו עוד

Autumn ( Motti Lerner )

ז’אנר: Psychological Drama

A drama about a doctor who immigrated to pre-state Israel in 1896 to become a farmer. After 30 years he doesn’t feel rooted at home, and wants to begin a new life. He falls in love with his former lover’s daughter, but is caught by his wife and children who… קראו עוד

At Night’s End ( Motti Lerner )

ז’אנר: Drama

August 2006. Members of a family in Haifa are gathering for the wedding ceremony of their middle son in the midst of the Second Lebanon War. The father and three sons have each served in the army. All of them have been continuously trying to pretend that their war traumas… קראו עוד

The Murder of Isaac ( Motti Lerner )

ז’אנר: Poetic Drama, Satire Cabaret

A play about the assassination of Yitzhak (Isaac) Rabin, Israel’s former prime minister following his peace negotiations with the Palestinians. The play is an enactment of the assassiantion as perfromed by 12 inmates, suffering accute PTSD in a mental hospital in israel, exploring the infrastructure of Israeli society in an… קראו עוד

Paulus ( Motti Lerner )

ז’אנר: Drama, Periodical Drama

The surrealistic tragedy of St. Paul the Apostle (6AD – 67AD), an Ultra Orthodox Jew, employed at the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, who tried to repair the world by creating a Universalist religion based on Jesus’ idea of redemption, and found himself forced to separate from Judaism and to establish… קראו עוד

The Admission ( Motti Lerner )

ז’אנר: Drama

A play about memory and denial in the context of what Israelis call their “War of Independence” and the Palestinians call their “Nakba”. The play is set in Haifa in 1988 AND portrays two families, one Jewish one Palestinian. Some of the families’ members are trying to reveal the events… קראו עוד