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Wall of glass (Oren Yaacobi)

Genre: Black Comedy , Comic Drama , New Writing

English translation: Hadar Galron A successful young Israeli dancer who lives in Berlin suffers a crisis of identity and career when she discovers she is pregnant. The young woman has severed all contact with her mother and younger brother due to her decision to live in Berlin in spite of the objections of her mother,… Read more

Autumn (Motti Lerner)

Genre: Drama , Psychological Drama

A drama about a doctor who immigrated to pre-state Israel in 1896 to become a farmer. After 30 years he doesn’t feel rooted at home, and wants to begin a new life. He falls in love with his former lover’s daughter, but is caught by his wife and children who kill him to stop the… Read more

A Letter to Noa (Goren Agmon)

Genre: Drama

Noa is a Lebanon War widow who for fifteen years has raised her two sons on her own and runs her late husband’s publishing house. She meets Amnon, an ex-air force pilot who works for the Society for the Protection of Nature, falls in love with him, and for the first time since her husband’s… Read more

Horses on the Highway (Savyon Liebrecht)

Genre: Drama

The play takes place in a rural house located close to a highway. A family lives there: Nina and Yoni, their daughter, a highschool student and their son who is a soldier in the Israeli army. In their youth Nina and Yirmiyahu, her husband’s brother were in love. They were wild young people who did… Read more