Café Arava

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Gaya, a young woman of 27, returns to Israel after staying away some 15 years. She searches and finds Gili, her father’s spouse. In addition she has to deal with the destruction of the kibbutz, which was the only home she knew. The two women meet in Café Arava – in the gas station run by Gili, where they confront painful memories, which they tried avoiding so far. The play takes place in mid 80’s, and deals with the individual’s struggle with the suffocating kibbutz society, and the heavy price paid by all parties.

The characters

Female:5 Male:2 Total:7

Avner – 40, Born on kibbutz, returns crippled from Yom Kippur War
Gili – 30, Nurse and physiotherapist
Miriam – 60, Gaia’s grandmother, Ricki’s mother (Avner’s wife)
Nadav – 40, Kibbutz Secretary, childhood friend of Avner
Gaia – 12-13, Avner and Ricki’s daughter
Diana – 25, Dutch volunteer, teaches music on the kibbutz, Nadav’s girlfriend.
The Adult Gaia – 27





2006 Beit Lessin Theatre director: Roni Pinkowicz

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