Mother in Love

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Comic Drama

Michal, a successful lawyer, a divorcee and a mother of two, remains alone after her two sons have left home. Michal finds a new love with Matti, a vet who fights for animal rights, and she sees a whole new life in front of her.
When her son Omer returns unexpectedly, after visiting his father in Argentina and a long journey in South America, he does not like his mother’s new life. The struggle between all three raises the question to which extent and until when are we committed to our children.
The play deals with the rupture mothers experience, between the will to be the best mother – who knows her children, feels them, identifies their needs and knows how to direct them – and the need to do things for herself, her own wishes and needs. A mother is constantly accompanied by a guilt feeling when she exercises her right of living her own life.

The characters

Female:2 Male:4 Total:6



2009 Beit Lessin Theatre director: Gilad Kimhi
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