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And When We Die, Everything Will Pass ( Ofek Levy )

ז’אנר: Drama, New Writing, Psychological Drama

Eyal Greenhuis, winner of the prestigious TED Prize for 2016, is a world-renowned lecturer and author of “Dreams,” which sold 84 million copies in 64 different translations. He will be making a homecoming in Israel after two decades of living in Los Angeles. As a favor to his friend, the… קראו עוד

Passion Killer ( Hadar Galron )

ז’אנר: Satire Cabaret

As a performing artist I would also like to introduce you to “Passion Killer” –my satirical cabaret … In Passion Killer, I tell the story of the history of Passion from the days Adam and Eve until today, via stories of biblical women who ‘saved the People of Israel’ with… קראו עוד