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AMSTERDAM (Maya Arad Yasur)

Genre: A-genre

Winner of Berliner TheaterTreffen Stückemarkt 2018 In a highly fragmented, multi-narrated structure, the play AMSTERDAM unfolds the course of 24 hours in the life of a 9 months pregnant Israeli violinist living in Amsterdam, the day she wakes up and finds an unpaid gas bill from 1944 on her doorstep. The multiple speakers accompany the absent character throughout… Read more

Suspended (Maya Arad Yasur)

Genre: Drama

Two window cleaners, both refugees from civil war, hang on abseil cables outside of a skyscraper. They have got a job to do and have agreed not to talk about the past. While cleaning the windows, they follow the inaccessible world of well-heeled Western business people. Through a visual metaphor, this play explores concepts as… Read more

Mountain (Yaron Edelstein)

Genre: Absurd , Fantasy , Poetic Drama , Tragedy

Five soldiers are trapped in an endless war. They keep coming back to the starting point where they are asked to go into battle to protect their land, and each time the level of sacrifice demanded of them rises. From this nightmarish trap a hero emerges – Mountain – whose character encompasses the promise of… Read more