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Smiley ( Eyal Weiser )

ז’אנר: A-genre, Absurd, Black Comedy, Drama, Satire, Tragedy

Set in a new age empowerment workshop, Smiley , is a series of sexually-charged monologues that also transforms into an interactive experience with the audience. Each character reveals the lives of young adults – exposing their lives on the internet, in bars or inside themselves – struggling with situations, emotions… קראו עוד

Status Quo Vadis ( Joshua Sobol )

ז’אנר: Satire

A satire about the crawling takeover of religious coercion over the life of the individual in Israel by the rabbinate.

Israeli Ubu ( Joshua Sobol )

ז’אנר: Satire

A satire about a colonel, who cultivates court poets and other flatterers between one war to another.

Kol Nidrei ( Joshua Sobol )

ז’אנר: Comedy, Satire

A comedy about orthodox young people that are struggling to free themselves of religion, and discover that freedom is not that easy to aquire.