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Idealizm ( Yigael Sachs )

ז’אנר: Comic Drama, Drama, Satire, Thriller-Horror

In a world where the truth seems to be out of fashion, one day one man stands up and insists on telling the truth the whole truth and only the truth. He has money, he has a broadcast studio, he has a microphone, and he is gaining more and more… קראו עוד

And Noting More ( Eyal Weiser )

ז’אנר: A-genre, Absurd, Satire, Satire Cabaret, Sketches

 “And No More” – Israeli Political Satirical Cabaret (Under Construction)  The show was developed in the theatre department of the Tel-Aviv University, It is made up of 7 sketches that all together combine to one satirical cabaret. The characters in it stand on the border between the utopic dream for a sane life… קראו עוד

Hokey-Pokey ( Eyal Weiser )

ז’אנר: Absurd, Satire

 A failing writer who dreams of success; an actress past her prime desperate for the limelight again; a therapist having a secret affair with Hitler, a clown whose identity was stolen; a paraplegic who dreams of long legs and an Arab girl who dreams of being more than just another… קראו עוד

Shalom, Tzfira, Syria ( Ido Setter )

ז’אנר: Comedy, New Writing, Satire

 Shalom loves Tzfira.Tzfira leaves Shalom.Tzarfati plans with his best friend how to win Tzfira back.Tzarfati falls in love with Tzfira.Shalom takes their plan to get Tzfira back a bit too far.Luckily, a war with Syria breaks out.