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And Noting More (Eyal Weiser)

Genre: A-genre , Absurd , Satire , Satire Cabaret , Sketches

 “And No More” – Israeli Political Satirical Cabaret (Under Construction)  The show was developed in the theatre department of the Tel-Aviv University, It is made up of 7 sketches that all together combine to one satirical cabaret. The characters in it stand on the border between the utopic dream for a sane life on this piece of earth… Read more

Hokey-Pokey (Eyal Weiser)

Genre: Absurd , Satire

 A failing writer who dreams of success; an actress past her prime desperate for the limelight again; a therapist having a secret affair with Hitler, a clown whose identity was stolen; a paraplegic who dreams of long legs and an Arab girl who dreams of being more than just another Arab. A patchwork of stories… Read more