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Black Comedy

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Set in a new age empowerment workshop, Smiley , is a series of
sexually-charged monologues that also transforms into an interactive experience
with the audience. Each character reveals the lives of young adults – exposing
their lives on the internet, in bars or inside themselves – struggling with
situations, emotions and identities from which you, the audience, can’t stay

The characters

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"Smiley - Amazing political theater!"

(Prof. Shimon Levi, Israel Today magazine)


"…Eyal Weiser's brilliant play succeeds in creating a brand new stage language, one that's utterly different than what we've seen so far around these parts. It results in a series of painful, clever, hilarious moments, one after the other. This show is what Fringe Theater is all about!" (Smiley – TimeOut's Fringe show of the year 2007)


"…'Smiley' – an extra-fringe play…Four actors perform impressive monologues and create a funny and nightmarish dialogue with the audience, written and directed with inspiration…" (Zvi Goren – Habama website)


"…'Smiley' – the new play, provides an amusing hour with four talented actors who represent the 'Y-Generation' that prefers the 'Dolce Vita' and goes out on a surrealistic journey in a self-awareness workshop" (Michael Handelzaltz – Haaretz newspaper)


"Smiley - Weiser's characters, much like Etgar Keret's, can't express their distress... A poignant, critical point of view of an entire generation that prefers to talk about life, but live in fantasy" (Shay Bar Yaakov, Yediot Achronot)

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